So, what's up with this instant portrait stuff anyways? 




An instant photo? As big as a sheet of notebook paper? Yes, you heard right. If you've ever seen a vintage (or modern!) polaroid, this is the gigantic, awesome version of that.

How does this work? I prepare a sheet of film, and load it into a Large Format View Camera. I talk with you to find out what you'd like to get out of your portrait, work some studio lighting magic, and take your photo. Then I use a machine to process your Polaroid, and 5 minutes later - MAGIC.

Can I get a digital copy? Sure! I offer web ready digital scans for personal use at a small fee. Let me know during your appointment if this is something you'd like. Most people get a digital scan to use on social media, announcements & cards, emails to grandma, etc.

This sounds wild! How long does all of this take? From start to finish, it will take about 15-30 minutes. 

Why 8x10 Polaroid? You may or may not know, but I started out making tintypes (hence the name of my company!) but the chemicals involved made me very sick, even after taking proper precautions. As my health is extremely important to me, I decided to stop making tintypes. I searched for a creative solution to uphold my current business model and satisfy the analogue photographer inside of me. Large Format Polaroids are the closest I can get to making a tintype without the nasty chemicals. They are rare and just as special, one of a kind images of us that can't be reproduced. It's important to me that we have physical photos that exist outside of our phones and computers.

"I don't like to be photographed." I've heard this at my events a time or two and I have been thinking over this statement & feeling for some time now. Getting a studio portrait taken is quite different than your average iPhone or digital photo these days. You & I will spend a brief moment together and I will direct you while I prepare to take your photo. This is a premeditated act and everything I'm doing is calculated and precise. It takes time, thought, expertise and a little bit of teamwork. I see it as an interaction and an experience for a lifelong documentation of the here and now - not JUST another photo that goes to the imaginary internet cloud.




  • 2 people! jhj
  • Reshoot? If you are unhappy with your photo, I will be glad to reshoot it for you. Keep in mind that polaroids can have natural imperfections due to the finicky chemical process.
  • Pets? If your furry friends are mostly well trained and can maintain a sit/stay command, I can photograph them. Bring treats as bribery! *If your pet is a little unruly or likes to break the rules, I am willing to try for a private session! Just know it might cost more.*
  • Cheese! Most people prefer not to smile for a tintype. Historically, no one smiled because exposure times were too long. It's alright, you'll look real cool & tough.
  • Clothes! Patterns and textures translate nicely. Avoid graphics and text, as they will appear backwards in your photo. Feel free to bring fun accessories and small props. Cool hats, jewelry, scarves, etc. Avoid solid black & solid white.
  • Makeup! Avoid yellowish foundation or concealer. Typically, I find less makeup looks better on a tintype. Freckles appear especially nice, please don't cover them!
  • Glasses? These may have to be removed due to UV coating or transition lenses.
  • Colors! Red, and sometimes oranges and yellows appear darker or near black. Blues lean towards the lighter side.



& events?

I am always happy to discuss booking a private session or an event that you may have in mind. Each session and event will be priced differently depending upon number of plates/photos requested, dates & time, location & studio or environmental. Shoot me an email to chat about the possibilities.


I've been tintyped! Now what?

It usually takes anywhere up to a week for me to varnish your plate and get it ready for shipping or local pick up. I offer web ready scans to share on social media / your website that can be purchased for $20. I also offer a one of a kind, handmade wooden tintype frames. Each one will be made from a different reclaimed wood and finished differently. My friend Jon Lawson creates them one at a time in his workshop after you are photographed. The turn around time on custom framing is about 2-4 weeks. This is a wonderful way to protect and display your special photograph.